Applied Jainism

Applied Jainism

A social platform to collaborate & discuss contemporary issues on sustainable co-existence (Parasparopagraho Jīvānām / परस्परोपग्रहो जीवानाम्) where the principle of Jain philosophy & spirituality can guide us and become the torch bearer in the modern age.

We organize a session on the first Sunday of every month on our online platform to share insights about the problems concerning our modern life; and how it can be mitigated through the fusion of Jain principles, modern technology, alternate lifestyle habits & changing behavior pattern.

We have also organized social campaigns during festivals to create awareness about the environmental issues and how we can celebrate our festivals with a positive impact on the environment.

Online Events

Applying Ahimsa in Modern Lifestyle

Lead Speaker :
CA Sangeetha Chhajed

Larger Impact :
Jainism recognizes that by living we are going to hurt other life forms. It is unavoidable. One should try to do ABSOLUTE MINIMUM HARM. ... Certainly, our lives today is far different than lives even one hundred years ago. With rapid industrialization and commercialization, knowingly, unknowingly, directly, and indirectly, today’s lifestyle involves himsa at several levels. several daily examples of himsa. Knowledge precedes action. Our first lecture was on evaluating application of jain principles in few areas of modern lifestyle

No to Single use Plastic

Larger Impact :
We should be kind to not only other people, but also to animals, fish, birds and all the life forms.Plastic is impacting all life forms. On this World Earth Day, let us take a step forward to respect all life forms. Let us pledge to reduce plastic usage ... To celebrate Mahavir Jayanti differently, we urged fellow humans, to take a step forward to respect all life forms and pledge to stop ‘Plastic Pollution’ by reducing use of ‘Sigle Use Plastics’ such as single-use bottles, plastics bags, plastic cutlery, balloons and many more. It is no secret that given the resistant nature of chemicals like PET, it takes approximately 450 years for plastic to decompose in a landfill. Moreover, a lot of plastic bags get consumed by animals/ birds and causes deaths. Also, both Production and re-cycling of plastic is extremely energy and water intensive. Reducing or completely stopping the usage of ‘Single-sue Plastic’ is the only way.

Jainism & Throwaway Culture

Lead Speaker :
Mahesh Pandya
Larger Impact :
Using Resources beyond one's needs and misuse of any part of nature is considered as a violence according to Jainism. Use and throw culture has resulted in not only overuse of resources ... but also has a devastating impact on marine life and eco system.

We need to move away from the culture of single use items and the 5R’s : Refrain, Reduce, Repair, Reuse, Recycle. These 5Rs if followed can save the EARTH from a lot of Carbon Emissions, Landfills dumping and Ocean thrash.

Our keynote speaker explained how ecological the core principles of Jainism are. Another highlight of this event was presentation by the winners of our ‘Jainism & Throwaway Culture’ Contest. Winners presented a wealth of facts and ideas to reduce the Throwaway culture by means of videos, poetry recitation or postures.

Who We Are

A platform to collaborate & discuss contemporary issues on sustainable co-existence (Parasparopagraho Jīvānām / परस्परोपग्रहो जीवानाम्)


For the panacea of the ills of the present day world, we definitely discuss Ahimsa, Aparigrah & Anekantvad


If you have subject expertise in above areas and inclination towards community service then please join us to address through this platform.

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