Applied Jainism – is a social platform to collaborate & discuss contemporary issues on sustainable co-existence (Parasparopagraho Jīvānām / परस्परोपग्रहो जीवानाम्) where the principle of Jain philosophy & spirituality can guide us and become the torch bearer in the modern age.

About Applied Jainism

For the panacea of the ills of the present day world, we definitely discuss Ahimsa, Aparigrah & Anekantvad – but the outlook is different. We intend to examine, at both gross & subtle level; what is usually ignored in conventional religious rituals & social practices; and reset the order where it has either gone wrong or where it requires overhauling .

We examine all kinds of pollution on earth, global warming, economic disorder & disparity through the lenses of Ahimsa, Aparigrah & Anekantvad and other principles of Shravakchar & Jain Philosophy. Through constructive knowledge sharing, community engagement & various other initiatives, we intend to uncover a different perspective for both – problem & solution. We intend to discuss how we can celebrate our festivals (Paryushan , Mahavir Jayanti, etc.) in a different way and (re)set the new trend there by connecting the underlying spirit of that festival with various contemporary causes which has eroded the values from our society and created overall devastating effect.

We invite the speakers from the corporate world, start-ups, activist, artist, social workers, researchers, academicians and from all strata of society on the first Sunday evening of every month on our online platform; to share their insights about the problems concerning our modern life; and how it can be mitigated through the fusion of Jain principles, modern technology, alternate lifestyle habits & changing behavior pattern.

Why Should I Volunteer ?

Tirthankar Mahavir was the biggest environmentalist, a boldest entrepreneur on voyage to discover new shores, a possessor of huge material wealth but with no-attachment to that - who ever lived on this planet in this age. No one discussed in as much detail and created as much impact on the subject of sustainability as Tirthankar Mahavir did some 2600 years ago even when there was no greenhouse gas emission around, no worries about climate change and global warming, no looming existential threat to human civilization, not as much conflicts as it is today, reasonably high standard of moral, social & cultural value systems and life was much simpler. But despite that, being an omniscient, he could see the future that we are in today and where we are facing all above catastrophes. Tirthankar Mahavir not only showed us the path for spiritual progress but he also showed how to maintain perfect balance within society, maintain harmony with ecology, achieve material prosperity through sustainable trade & commerce without getting trapped into greed and urge of wealth accumulation more than what is needed.

Today Tirthankar Mahavir is not physically present amongst us and it is the collective duty of his followers to lead the community and nation. We need participation of enthusiastic volunteer who are accomplished in their own domain and who understands the principles of Jain philosophy as prescribed by Tirthankar Mahavir and who intends to reset the global disorder through local initiatives at least in our material world.

We need people to talk about :-

  • how can we maintain good physical & mental health when all the food available today is mostly adulterated and life is so stressful
  • how can we reduce our carbon foot print & water foot print
  • how can we promote sustainable materials that we consume in our daily life
  • how can we create an ecosystem that ensure high standard of conduct in our day to day life
  • various business opportunities which recycles resources
  • various social challenges that’s present in modern age
  • how can we connect modern science with age old spiritual practices

We believe that principle of Jainism has answer to all above which need to be understood and applied in a right perspective.

If you have subject expertise in above areas and inclination towards community service then please join us to address through this platform.

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